FUll factory warranty

Dedication to our craft does not end when we transfer ownership. The diversity of possibilities on the road are endless, we stand by our craft, even when there is a problem, we work with all the manufacturers involved to make sure quality is guaranteed. The Sherrod Standard 3 year & 36,000 mile warranty protects you, the owner, from any complications that may arise while enjoying the open road.

world class customer service

Our support staff manages customer feedback with pleasure. The diversity that our customer base is comprised of crosses into several industries. This creates opportunities for our world class customer representatives to solve problems when customers experience unique setbacks due to the diverse ways our vehicles are put to use. Rest assured your Sherrod Warranty Representative has been trained in respectfully handling all natures of claims. When our service professionals become warranty representatives you can bet they have at least 20 years of experience building and repairing transportation vehicles.

nationwide support network

Every certified dealer service center in America is plugged into our network, meaning you can bring your Sherrod Custom vehicle to any dealership in America and receive the same quality customer service that the original equipment manufacturer intended. We customize every facet of our conversions and we know how to communicate with service writers, make sure you contact your Sherrod representative before you have a problem so we can make sure you, the customer gets the service you deserve. Our dealer partners know we stand by our work and whenever there is an anomaly we jump to get it taken care of swiftly.

warranty bossman.jpg

quality parts

Our secret recipe is simple: quality ingredients make quality products. Expert installation with industry leading processes leads to fewer issues and happier customers. The difference is easily recognized. No compromises for quality, ever.

manufacturer’s warranty

We work exclusively with the America’s best manufacturers and we know our craft. The factory offers warranty on their new vehicles and our conversions only build on top of that guarantee. If we assembled it, we warranty it. Sherrod’s simple hassle-free warranty starts with registration and builds on proper maintenance of performance enhancements with experienced understanding of every component.

extended protection policy

Sherrod Customs knows there is always ways to do more, we offer exclusive extended policies to approved clients that want an extra sense of protection from the unexpected. Sherrod is here to give you exactly what you need to be safe and secure with your investment.