EST. 1979


when you’ve been around 40 years

you are either good or you’re history.

We are both.

Sherrod Heritage Showcase

some examples of the influential custom vehicles we have built over the years at Sherrod ...

baja f-150

Sherrod has been designing for the dunes since the early 1980’s. The BAJA by Sherrod brought upgraded suspension and creative graphics to complement the subtleties of the Ford F-150 redesign. The Raptor knows Baja.

Harley davidson econoline

Sherrod built the first official Harley Davidson branded Ford collaboration. This Special Edition brought the American Legend onto four wheels with class


Creativity takes risks on design at times, the conversion created here is unique and developed from a challenge to see a vision through to reality. At Sherrod we have a built a legacy of pushing the boundaries and taking ideas from thought through to production. Build the best. Drive Sberrod.

Sherrod customs chevrolet avalancHe

From the launch of the all new Avalanche, we introduced subtle touches that elevated the class and luxury of the platform in ways that were later adopted in the Cadillac EXT.

sherrod customs ford Ranger hurricane

Build the best. The Ranger Hurricane by Sherrod was one like many of our conversions that inspired industry trends. Lighting and functional modifications helped demonstrate this Ford’s versatility.

Sherrod Factory in Jacksonville, Florida, historically one of Henry Ford’s favorite facilities.